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Welcome to, a place for all dog  and animal lovers  to purchase beautiful 3-dimensional hand painted mugs of your favorite dog, cat , farm animal or other assorted figurines. As the owner of a flat coat retriever and a "black dog" (both rescue dogs) I know first hand what the "love of a pet" means to pet owners .

I have put together a great collection of 3-D mugs, salt and pepper shakers, note holders and holiday ornaments  that make perfect gifts and mementos of your beloved pets. Come explore inside and marvel at the great stoneware mugs and porcelain figurines. The mugs are all individually hand painted using lead free paint and are microwave safe and machine washable. Drink from them, use as a toothbrush or pencil cup, or perhaps  get a set of eight for that unique and special table setting. Come explore and see why these mugs are "2 dimensions better" than the usual flat painted or picture decal mugs that are currently available elsewhere!!


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